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Founder Master Lennart Aastrup

Forty Years of complete dedication to the Teaching and Instruction of different Spiritual Traditions, Three levels in Tantra, Dzogchen, Taoism, Kabbalah, Mahamudra, Bön, in many different countries such as Canada, Mexico, Greece, Spain and currently in Sweden.

  • Swami Mahananda in Anandanama Lineage - Kashmir India
  • Swami Nityananda in Saraswati Lineage - Kashmir India
  • Swami Shaktanda in Bhairava Lineage - Calcuta India
  • Initiated in the Linaeage of the White Crane with the name Yu Lin
  • Body Psychotherapist, certified by the creator of Ontogonia, Dr. Carlos de León
  • Transpersonal Therapist, certified by the International Institute for Research and theDevelopment of Ontogonia Canada
  • Creator of the Radionics LANS-I Machine. Radionic Researcher and Therapist
  • Specialist in the Art of Talismans and Yantras
  • Studies in different forms of Holistic Healing
  • Studies in Hypnotherapy
  • Specialist in Tarot and Palmistry

He has participated in varios Research and Studies in the following areas; Chi-kung, Energy Management, Shamanism, Parapsychology, Extraterrestrial among other many areas.

Here We show photos of some of the Teachers "Gurus" that have Stimulated, Taught and Guided in Life and then Aferwards.