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Because there is not a two without a three and thus until reaching infinity, Lyfjabergt would not exist without the collaboration and of the meeting between the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.

From the origins until now, the brotherhood has been and is, the nourishment that allows us and will allow us to continue existing.

Sangha is an original Sanskrit word that could be translated as "community of friends in practice".

The Sangha in a broad sense in our life is all the people, friends who have been with us in difficult times giving us good advice to alleviate our suffering and also in happy and joyful moments, enjoying this miracle that life entails on this beautiful planet. First of all, a shared path.

Compassion is the feeling of empathy, of experiencing in the flesh what the other experiences, eliminating ignorance through realizing and sharing the wisdom that exists in experiences. As such, it is essentially altruistic, free from selfishness. In some way, compassion requires a certain wisdom to be able to sustain itself continuously. The compassionate person acts from integration, from the notion that he does not exist separate from the other, that the well-being of others is his own well-being and that the existence of a fixed, stable, autonomous individual self-separated from the world is an illusion. If you do not know or do not believe this, it will be difficult for you to find a motivation to continue acting with compassion. However, compassion, in turn, virtuously engenders intelligence and wisdom, in a loop of positive feedback.

This space, 'Collaborators', is a space where we open a window to the creations of all those who, like infinite links, carry out Lyfjabergt.

A space where to expose those that are, but do not appear. This section is directed to all of you.