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Schüessler Salts

Schüssler Salts´s biochemistry is based on the balance and metabolism of the body cells. Therapy involves only twelve minerals (salts) that are naturally present in our organism and that we incorporate daily through a balanced diet. These salts can normalize corrupted functions of the organism and stimulate or restore important body mechanisms.

The minerals must be administered via dilution, so that they are filtered through the oral mucosa straight to the bloodstream.

Possible causes of mineral deficiency

  1. Stress.
  2. Increased mineral need, in cases of pregnancy, sport training, chronic illnesses, among others.
  3. Unhealthy diet.
  4. Toxic habits.
  5. Certain medicines taken in treatments for chronic illnesses or adverse effects of certain drugs.
  6. Reduced or zero capacity to store minerals.
  7. Rapid consumption of minerals, in cases such as hyperthyroidism.
  8. Contamination, pollution or consumption of transgenic products.
  9. Radiation, electromagnetic pollution and prolonged exposure to the sun.

Schussler´s Salts therapy is considered a substitution therapy. It tries to figure out the causes of the illness and cure this deficiency by treating its source. This way, the cell is regulated and balanced (externally and internally).

All of Schussler´s Salts are crushed with lactose. Given the case of severe lactose intolerance or allergy, it´s necessary to find another alternative to this excipient, or simply not to take the salts.

Schussler´s Salts can supplement any other medical treatment. There is no risk of interaction.

We must be aware that Schussler´s Salts DO NOT provide the body with the minerals it needs. Instead, they help the organism to compensate distribution disruptions and mineral absorption.

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The 12 Salts of Schussler

  • Nr. 1.  Calcium fluoratum. Helps with skin, nail and bone disorders.
  • Nr. 2.  Calcium phosphoricum. Helps with healing and growth.
  • Nr. 3.  Ferrum phosphoricum. Swellings and injuries.
  • Nr. 4.  Kalium chloratum. Effective with mucus membranes.
  • Nr. 5.  Kalium phosphoricum. Reinforces muscles and nerves.
  • Nr. 6.  Kalium sulfuricum. Chronic inflammations and skin disorders.
  • Nr. 7.  Magnesium phosphoricum. Pain and cramps.
  • Nr. 8.  Natrium chloratum. Regulates the liquid metabolism.
  • Nr. 9.  Natrium phosphoricum. Stabilizes the metabolism.
  • Nr. 10. Sodium phosphate. Helps with detoxification and excreting.
  • Nr. 11. Silicea. Reinforces tendons, cartilages and bones.
  • Nr. 12. Calcium sulfuricum. Drains infected fluid/pus.


 ¿What do we offer?

  • You can acquire Shussler´s Salts through our online shop, www.lyfjabergtnature.com 
  • If you wish to inquire or to receive personalized advice about what Salt is the best for your case, please write an email to bjorkblancos@gmail.com and our naturopath will gladly help you.
  • We offer naturopathy appointments, both physically and online.


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