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Radionic vivrational therapy

Every form of life has its own electro-magnetic field. Each healthy organ of the human body has a specific vibration that is different from the vibration of a diseased one.

The purpose of Radionics therapy is to help re-establish its original optimal pattern of health.Through Radionic therapy one diagnose and restores the holistic health by applying the frequencies appropriate to counteract the discordant frequencies.

Radionics is a method of diagnosis and treatment, that uses the subtle and energetic fields (mind, emotions, subconscious, unconscious, soul and spirit to name a few) of the patient to combat the causes of the disease, imbalance or disharmony. To restore a normal flow of energy allowing him to regain health.

Radionics considers that the main cause of disease lies in this imbalance which causes physical symptoms and disease. When you apply a healing and healthy energy pattern to replace the disease pattern, it resets the balance and health is recovered.

Radionics is based on the concept from philosophical, mystical Western and Eastern schools, which considered that the human being is composed essentially of body, mind and spirit.

Radionics is an area of complementary medicine, and as such, do not a substitute traditional medicine, but supports and reinforces the treatments in a more comprehensive manner for the benefit of patients. The most frequent cause of diseases are motivated by mental problems which will eventually manifest itself in the physical body.

Radionics also acts in a preventive not only curative way since it can identify lack of harmony in subtle or invisible energy bodies and can modify and harmonize before the symptoms appear.

Radionics does not interfere with any other medical treatment and is not contraindicated for any person or animal. It helps eliminate the side effect of some allopathic medicines.

How does it work then?

You need to return the harmonic energy and balance to the human body; By concentrated healthy energy conveyed in neutral substances such as, distilled water, sugar pearls or oils.

Recommendations for the use of radionics remedies:

  • It will always be indicated if the remedy is ingested orally or if your application is external
  • For ingested remedies it’s convenient to put the indicated amount of drops under the tongue and wait an hour to make products such as coffee, tea and even brush your teeth with toothpaste
  • The basis of radionic remedies that are swallowed is distilled water so it is suitable for people that may have some kind of allergy. Anyway it is always recommended that you alert in case of allergies
  • It is normal occurring that healing crisis appears in the start of the treatment. Any questions please contact us
  • If you currently follow any pharmacological treatment, you must continue with that normally
  • Please report to us the results positive or negative of the treatments to have a record

For more information, please, contact us.

Thank you !

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