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Functional naturopathy

A Naturopath is a health professional who applies approved natural therapies, that range from nutrition, exercise, massage, application of natural remedies, among many others, but above all, it is about awakening the person´s own conscience to recover to oneself.

The naturopathic staff that attends you is a professional member of the Organización Colegial Naturopática FENACO nº 3326, which regulates our training, as well as our deontological code and to which you can request information about the authenticity of our professionalism. www.colegionaturopatas.es

In the consultation of naturopathy, a very special bond between patient (health searcher) and naturopath is created, because the attention is personalized, the work is a teameffort and we will walk together towards a deep self-knowledge.

The initial consultation usually takes approximately one hour. During this time, we will ask you question about the reason for your consultation, your medical history, diet and lifestyle, and any allopathic and/or naturopathic treatment you have taken or are currently taking.

It is possible if it is necessary to request different physical examination, like blood or diet test to obtain a better image of your complete health status.

We work hand in hand and complements ourselves with allopathic medicine.

Once all the information is gathered, a treatment plan is formulated that addresses all areas of the person´s life.

¿What we offer?


Naturopathic consultation in person at our Lyfjabergt holistic center.

  • It is necessary to request an appointment at bjorkblancos@gmail.com
  • This consultation will always be available during the courses and retreats that are held in the holistic center, by appointment.
  • Price per inquiry 600skr.


Naturopathic consultation online (whatsapp, skype or zoom videoconference).


Stays in our center

  • Weekends, full weeks or according to your need.
  • We will work together to restore your health, supported by the available resoruces (massages, sauna, personalized diet, natural remedies, exercise....).
  • Reservations for these stays are processed through booking or by writing to bjorkblancos@gmail.com


Longer stays toward health

  • Directed to those people with chronic or acute diseases who wish the tranquility of place surrounded by nature in retirements cabins.
  • For this we have a human allopathic and naturopathic team.
  • Reservations for these stays are processed through bookin but iti is necessary to write an email to bjorkblancos@gmail.com, explaining your needs.


Our goal is your health and therefore we are in continuos training, improvement and openness to new ways.

For more information, please write us.

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