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Functional naturopathy

"Health is the supreme foundation of virtue, prosperity, enjoyment and salvation ...."

The term that designates "healthy" in Sanskrit is; Avastha, which is derived from; Sva "I" + Stha "stabilized" = Svastha "stabilized in the self".

The "I" is the capacity of individual identity that distinguishes a being from any other being. The aspect of personality that reminds me constantly of myself is called in Sanskrit Ahamkara, literally "forming me." Since we are all one body, one mind and one spirit, we each have an I-body, an I-mind and an I-spirit. To be "stabilized in the" I "you have to be stabilized in each of those egos.

One of the causes of health being altered is stress, which causes the nervous energy to dissipate and the body is not able to adequately eliminate the toxic byproducts of metabolism (self-poisoning or toxemia) and that enhances the separation of the union between different parts of the person.

That is why our proposal is that each person need to be able to identify the extrinsic and intrinsic factors that hinder the normal state of health.

To do this, in a personalized way functional Naturopathy is a science that offers knowledge and tools for self-restoration of health as each Being requires, always respecting the natural rhythm.

Functional tests that we put at your disposal:

  • Tissue mineral analysis of the hair and blood group "AB0". Mineralogram.