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Susana Blasco 'Björk'

Lyfjabergt, is for the moment the engine of my development, both personal, psychological, physical and the base with which I develop my creativity, expression and search my path.          

I feel that life is a daily, step by step, learning and unlearning actively and sometimes passively.

If I want to support myself on anything, it is to walk a life "in" and "with" Love, Conscience and Liberty.

Recently I stared my way, since I live with the idea that there is only the here and now.

I don´t accumulate years of experience, I accumulate years of learning in the Here and Now.

I´m still learning but Lyfjabergt also offers me the opportunity to share experience and wisdom.

My heart is linked to healing to all and at all levels.

Years of work developed in hospitals, aid associations and laboratories.

The idea of associating the Spiritual Path to the Healing Path in a place like Lyfjabergt starts from the base idea that "It is favorable to have a healthy foundation for a complete development". And in this we are, I am.

Currently, I am a student and practitioner of the Mahamudra Way, which I am infinitely grateful to, since it is the basis, the pillar on where Lyfjabergt wants to stand.

Restore and create such a vast place like this, 20 hectares, between only Lennart and I, it´s a great adventure.

I never thought my life studies would include learning masonry, carpentry, painting and etc. but I find that in this, I rescue the Essence of Mahamudra.

  • Master´s Degree Transpersonal Psychology recognized by FENACO
  • Master´s Degree Transpersonal Psychology recognized by Open University (Tallahassee, Florida)
  • Master´s Degree Naturopathy recognized by FENACO
  • Psychopathology in Childhood. Child Care and Newborn. Psychomotor development. Emergency Care
  • The Nursing Assistant in Psychiatry and Operating Room.
  • Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and Trainer of Trainers.
  • Degree  in Psychology Clinical.
  • Psychological First Aid. PAP
  • Caring for the Elderly and Disabled. Red Cross
  • Technical Assistant, health care area, clinic specialization.
  • Technical Assistant, health care area, Clinic specialization.
  • Investigation Techniques in Health Science.
  • Researcher and producer of Oriental and Western medicine
  • Writer and author

I bow to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha