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Själslig Transterapi

Var uppmärksam på dina "tankar" eftersom de blir ord

Var uppmärksam på dina "ord" eftersom de blir handlingar

Var uppmärksam på dina "handlingar" eftersom de blir vanor

Var uppmärksam på dina "vanor" för de kommer att bli din karaktär

Var uppmärksam på din "karaktär" för det är ditt öde

In Lyfjabergt we accentuate a lot that each person need to get a deeper knowledge of themselves.

In the ancient texts, many teachers from different spiritual schools promotes introspection as a mean to or road to “know yourself”.

Seeing that the twenty-first century is a time of advances in technology with great possibilities to get information. Lyfjabergt encourage and support who would like to “take a break” to be able to contemplate or assimilate the acquired input, for being able to discern what is useful and what needs to be adjusted in oneself.

Samatha, Vipassana and transformation meditations among others are ancient forms for introspection if well executed will lead the person to liberation of ignorance. If we add other means like yoga, chikung, pranayama and diets etc. and a integral help from a guide, the road to self-awareness is more easily obtained.

Its wise for the external archetypical prosses, where we continuously create and recreate rigids paths of unconscious behavior (resonates and counter resonates) and use all that creative energy for a prosses of interiorization.